Mid-Week House Keeping

I hope you are enjoying Planetary Anthology: Earth. If you are, please leave a review at Amazon. The more people who review the book helps get it promoted using Amazon’s algorithms.

Also, there was a livestream roundtable about the Anthology last Sunday with the Book’s editor, Dawn Witzke and A M Freeman (who edited the Venus Anthology).

Next, Superversive Press, the fine people who released the book, have a campaign on FreeStartr  Indiegogo* to have a bunch of the authors go around in a van and solve mysteries….

[looks at notes]

Sorry, that’s a Scooby-Doo campaign. My bad….

The Superversive folks are looking to send a couple of their novelist authors to Dragon-Con. There is some neat swag at different pledge levels. So, feel free to chip in for that.

Finally, this Friday, I will have a post discussing my story, ‘Silesian Treasure’, i.e. what was the genesis of the story, etc.

(And I see in my notes, I still owe one for ‘Venus Felix’ from the Venus Anthology).

So, see you all Friday.



*UPDATE: Apparently there are people out there who don’t like competition. Worse, there are people who don’t like competition if the competitors engage in WrongThinkTM. In this case, some folks decided projects funded through FreeStartr might cause people to think for themselves and got the credit card processing companies to refuse to do business with them. So, the Superversive Folks have had to migrate their campaign to Indiegogo.


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