Trump Derangement Syndrome

DJ Trump is definitely his father’s son. He has managed, like dear old dad,  to once again make seemingly normal people to take amazingly stupid positions. What Trump the Younger did in meeting with someone claiming to work with the Russian government was not treasonous. Nor was it a brilliant move. And his decision to disclose the emails hours before the New York Times disclosed is as much proof of a “transparent administration” as dumping illegal drugs down the toilet with DEA sledgehammering down the door is proof of someone being anti-drug.

People, including yours truly, have marveled at Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Much like it’s early incarnation, Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), it has caused folks on the left to become completely unhinged, finding conspiracies everywhere. What makes TDS worse is that it has metastasize and caused folks on the right to become equally unhinged.

Beyond the issue with DJ Trump and his journey to gain dirt on Clinton from the Russians is the reaction from both pro and anti Trump forces. On the pro-Trump side, the defenses of young Mister Trump boil down to Kennedy did it and if it’s not illegal, it’s no biggie.

The first argument, if you are not aware of it, concerns a report found in the KGB archives that indicates Ted Kennedy sought the assistance of the Soviet Union to defeat Ronald Reagan’s campaign. Republicans and conservatives have wielded this accusation in the past as proof of the perfidy of the Democratic Party.

So why the eff would you know use it to justify what DJ Trump did? Just because someone on the opposing side did something horrible does not justify your side doing something similar. If it was wrong for them to do it, it is wrong for you to do it.

Since Glen Beck started his own brand, The Blaze, I have gotten the impression he has been selling his old blackboard to right wing crazies. You know the blackboard that he used to show linkages between various left wing causes as proof of an attempt to overthrow the US government and impose Sharia law and install Obama as Imperator. I mean I assume Alex Jones wandered down to Wal-Mart and picked one up and uses it to warn of the dangers of Pig/Human Hybrids and NASA’s Martian Slave Colonies.

(This by the way shows Jones’s disconnect. I’m supposed to believe a government agency is actually running a program efficiently and secretly? Please)

Showing some sort of connection between Ted Kennedy and Yuri Andropov does not justify a DJ Trump-Vlad Putin connection. Whataboutism is not a valid counterpoint to claims of DJ Trump’s inappropriate behavior.

This segues nicely to point two: just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t mean it’s ok. There are any number of things that are perfectly legal, but still douchey. Jacking up the price on epi-pens after the government gives you a de facto monopoly isn’t criminal, just evidence of your ass-hattery. The fact that the FBI determined that Hillary Clinton broke no laws by storing classified materials on an unsecured server didn’t make it right. Indeed, if you look at Comey’s news conference, he bent over backwards to point out what Clinton did was wrong while not being illegal.

As I noted yesterday, the approach used by DJ Trump & co was mind-bogglingly stupid. But that in and of itself is not evidence of criminal activity or intent. It is perfectly acceptable to note what DJ Trump did wasn’t treason or criminal while still noting what an idiot he was for doing it.

The biggest danger the right has in its knee-jerk defense of Trump is going to be that moment in the future when he does something that is completely inexcusable and indefensible you will be forced to either excuse and justify it or explain why this one thing was what pushed you over the edge. You will go from being political supporters to cult members.

And that is not where you want to be going into the midterm elections or in 2020.

Meanwhile the left continues its inexorable slog towards Tinfoil Hat-landia. Apparently Glen Beck has decided to market his conspiracy blackboards and sell them at Target (pronounced by the left as Tar-Jay). There is not a single accusation against Trump that doesn’t go up on the board with a piece of string connecting it to something else. And it doesn’t matter if it is connected to something that has been disproven. Because to the left, anything anti-Trump is true. Even when it isn’t.

What constantly surprises me about the left (though it shouldn’t) is how historically illiterate they are. I understand Karl Marx is out of favor (he is after all, just another dead white male), so perhaps they forget his comment  “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” Now see if they had bothered to learn that, they would realize they already made the same mistake with Trump that they did with George W Bush: you cannot be an evil genius while simultaneously having such a low IQ you can’t bend over to tie your shoes. And yet the left insists that he is an idiot while at the same time the center of a vast conspiracy on three continents to overthrow the US government and install Vladimir Putin as Supreme Leader.

Just because two events occurred near one another does not a conspiracy make.Remember Correlation Is Not Causation. A spike in internet traffic on a Russian bank server days after DJ Trump’s meeting with an alleged member of the Russian government does not show evidence of collusion anymore than you can blame people who eat cheese of being at fault for dying while tangled in their bed sheets.

This chart has no relevance to the blog. Much like many of the connections the left is trying to make between Trump and Russia.

Not everything that happens around Trump is proof that Putin is Fearless Leader and the end of the Republic is nigh or evidence of Trump Treason. (Though if it was Trump Treason, it would be the richest, most luxurious treason ever. But I digress) The constant pearl clutching isn’t going to help you win the midterms or the 2020 campaign.

When DJ Trump first released his emails, Twitter’s own Iowahawk tweeted:

self inflicted

Right now, I have the media leading on points.


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