An Important Holiday Reminder

Back in law school, I took a course on Wills and Estates. There was case we studied involving a woman asked her attorney to draft a new Will for her. This was done and the client was notified. The problem was the lawyer told the client she didn’t have to rush in to sign. She could wait until after the holiday. Just don’t die, ha ha, the lawyer told her.  Naturally (and this was why we were studying it), she died over the holiday, never signing the new Will. The Courts ultimately ruled while the new Will may have reflected the deceased’s intent, because it was never signed, it was not valid and the prior Will, which was signed by the woman, controlled.

After we finished discussing the case, the professor told us the back story. He knew some of the parties involved. Turns out, the lawyer who drafted the new Will was a functioning alcoholic. The holiday was the Fourth of July. Said lawyer was looking forward to going on a bender for the holiday, he didn’t want to waste any time he could be drinking having to wait around his office for his client to show up and sign the new Will.

The moral, the professor told us, was this:


Have a happy and safe Holiday.


2 thoughts on “An Important Holiday Reminder

  1. David

    I actually prefer the old anti-drunk driving message:

    He who goes forth with a fifth on the Fourth, may not come forth on the Fifth.



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