Show Us Your Work

Enough already.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Political Chattering Class has lost its collective mind. There hasn’t been this blatant a switching of opinion since the American Communist Party reversed its stance on Nazi Germany following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

It was just three weeks ago Progressives were crowing about the downfall of Trump’s National Security advisor Mike Flynn. Flynn, as you should recall, was forced to resign after questions were raised about his communications with the Russian Ambassador. And how did we learn of those communications?

They were wiretapped.

So the Left needs to stop pretending that claims wiretapping by Trump are completely insane. And while we are at it, maybe the Left should stop citing Trump’s joke in July about the Clinton e-mails. Unless, that is, they are finally prepared to admit that the missing 30,000 emails have nothing to do with yoga and Chelsea’s wedding and that Hillary Clinton was lying.

The claims Jeff Sessions lied about his meetings with the Russian Ambassador are overblown. Read the written question Sen Leahy put to Sessions about Russian contacts. Read the transcript of Sen Franken’s question, including his long-winded preface to the question. In both circumstances, the questions revolved around the 2016 campaign and communications with the Russians. Sessions answered the questions in that context.

By blowing this out of any resemblance of proportion, the Democrats have badly overplayed their hand. If everything is a crisis, nothing can be a crisis. People cannot be made to barricades to protest every.damn.thing. By making every little thing about this Administration as proof of Fascism, Racism, and whatever other “-ism” we are supposed to be against on any given day, all of it blurs into one amorphous opposition. It makes it harder to get people to rally against the real problems.

If you have actual proof of perfidy by the Trump Campaign, show us the proof. Not anonymous sources leaking portions of spin. Let’s see the actual documents that back up your claims.

It’s time to show your work.

And what are you smiling about, Trumpers?

The President has this habit of making up claims with nothing to support them and yet you go forth as if what he is saying is Holy Script. There is nothing to support his claims that there were 3-5 million illegal aliens voting in the November election. A handful of people across the country being arrested for voter fraud does not prove such a widespread conspiracy.

There is no evidence that a rise in illegal immigration is a casual link to a rise in crime

Trump’s claims of a massive wiretapping scheme against anyone even remotely associated with him does not appear to have any basis in reality. And a lot of the Republicans who are decrying the ability of the government to so easily obtain wiretap warrants through the FISA Court should remember they were using that Court as proof as to why the Patriot Act wasn’t a violation of Americans’ Constitutional Rights.

Now maybe there was illegal wiretapping. (And maybe President Obama didn’t know. After all, he apparently had knowledge that his Administration was, through Lois Lerner, illegally using the IRS against his Political Enemies.). But so far, all we had are a bunch of late night tweets. That is insufficient.

Show Us the Proof.

If there was illegal wiretapping, present the evidence to the American people. The actual wire taps. The actual transcripts. (And oh by the way, maybe throw in the one regarding Mike Flynn so we all know what he did or did not say to the Russian Ambassador). Mr. Trump, you are the President of the United States. It is well within your authority as the head of the Executive Branch to make any and all of this public knowledge at any moment. So if there was criminality, let it be shown for all the world to see.

If not, stop making false claims. It really is tiring. And it is not helping you. People like some of your policy ideas. More people would probably like them is you would focus on actual issues and not whatever ones make it past your tinfoil hat.

It’s Time to Show Your Work.


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