FREEDOM’S LIGHT PUBLISHED! The CFLA January Booknado! Lots to Read

Welcome to 2017.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last month moving house and so have been somewhat negligent in blogging. That will be rectified starting this week.

But until then…

Freedom’s Light is now published!


I was lucky enough to have a story published in this anthology. It is an honor and a privilege to have my story published with those of Nick Cole (whom I wrote about last year regarding the attempts by his publishing house to blacklist him), Brad Torgersen, Daniella Bova, Arlan Andrews and others. Even if you don’t care for Polk’s Prophetic Property, you will like the other tales.

All of the contributors to Freedom’s Light are members of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance.  Nick Cole has also a new piece that helps explain why the CFLA is necessaryAnd today is also CLFA’s January Booknado.

So, until the next Fermenting Politics blog is posted, read Freedom’s Light and take a look at the January Booknado offerings:

Stale, formulaic, establishment fiction cannot resist this gale-force gust of alternative storytelling. Why let Big Publishing’s cabal of easily-triggered Brooklynites decide what you get to read? Decide for yourself! Don’t let cabin fever set in – open your mind and entertain your intellect with some fresh selections from this month’s CLFA Booknado! New Releases Freedom’s Light: Short Stories […]

via New books! Kindle deals! It’s the January CLFA Booknado! — Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance



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