Democrats Are the Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts of Traal

Because of the publishing of Freedom’s Light, I have been in a literary frame of mind. The Country is now in month 3 of Democrats whining and complaining because Hillary Clinton lost to the second worst candidate ever to be nominated by a major political party. Progressives are still in denial and still trying to explain away how they managed to blow the most easily winnable election since 1936. All the talk about respecting the election outcome has pretty much been forgotten. Incidentally, this pre-election tweet from CNN’s Sally Kohn hasn’t really aged well, has it?


Having blamed everyone but Hillary Clinton for losing to Donald Trump and that tactic not really gaining any traction, other than to have more 1) Democrat Electoral Voters vote for someone other than Clinton on December 19th and 2) Democrats believe the fake news that Russia altered ballots than Republicans ever believed Obama was not born in this Country, angry Democrats and Progressives are trying a new tactic: ignore reality. Some, such as George Takei, are calling on people to unfollow Donald Trump on Twitter.

Others, such as Congressional Democrats, are boycotting the Inauguration Ceremony. It was this news that caused me to realize Democrats and Progressives are essentially the Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts of Traal.

For those of you who have not read, the late, great Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal can be stopped easily:

A towel [can be used to] avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindbogglingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you – daft as a brush, but very very ravenous)

Democrats are working on the assumption that if they don’t see or hear Donald Trump get sworn in, then it didn’t really happen. There is no other rational explanation for their actions. (And these are, after all, people who claim to be members of the reality based party and pine for the mythical land of Rationalia). It’s a bold strategy. But it is also stupid and self defeating.

But it is also unsurprising. It is part and parcel of Progressives’ mind-set: mistaking their opinions for facts. Meryl Streep decries people watching football instead of Hollywood films and suggests this is why Trump won and progressives laud this statement, made to a room full of people who agree with her as speaking truth to power. (Speaking truth to power would be admitting making anti-gun films such as Miss Sloane, is something the American people do not want to see). Journalists have fits when asked if they know anyone who drives a pick-up truck. A CEO living in San Francisco tells people living in the Mid-West that they are the problem with this country, unless and until they adopt San Francisco values. You would think by now they would realize denigrating their opponents is not how you persuade.

The mainstream media isn’t doing themselves or their progressive allies. In the immediate aftermath of the election, the press began the drumbeat against fake news. The media seemed to see this as a way of discrediting anything that went against their world view that Clinton would win. Trump won, the media claimed, because of fake news stories. There was even the creation of the hashtag #FakeNews. The Washington Post then ran a “news” story about the fake news factory funded by Russians that aided Trump’s victory…. And then it had to admit that the “facts: in the story were fake. Then the Washington Post on December 30th, breathlessly reported that Russian hackers had infiltrated the Vermont Power Grid. Then on the 31st, the Post had to admit that 1) the reporter never actually talked to anyone at Vermont Power grid and 2) the grid wasn’t hacked. There was Russian malware on a laptop owned by the power company. And on January 1st, the Post acknowledged the malware wasn’t actually Russian, but a common form of malware. Within three days the Post’s big scoop turned out to be nothing.

The claims by unnamed sources within the intelligence community of the “proof” of Russian interference has boiled down to a story on Russian Television mentioning Americans were dissatisfied with the choices the Democrats and Republicans gave them in 2016 campaign and the debate RT held for the third-party candidates; and a list of http addresses that are outdated. Not only do these “intelligence” reports lack a smoking gun, there isn’t even smoke. Hell, there aren’t even two sticks which, if rubbed together, could produce smoke. The Buzzfeed “news story” about the alleged dossier the Russians have on Trump was so laughably fakenews, CNN had to chastise them. It has become so clear Progressives and the media are peddling fakenews to discredit Trump that Progressives are now calling for the term “fakenews” to be retired.

And yet Progressives and the Media have gone to war with the incoming President and act surprised when he fights back. Consider this exchange: John Lewis verbally attacks Trump, calling him an illegitimate President. Trump fires back. A kerfuffle ensues and Trump is the one accused of being divisive. Calling the duly elected President illegitimate is divisive and the media’s refusal to acknowledge this only going to play into Trump’s hand. As the great twitter wit David Burge (who goes by the handle @Iowahawkblog noted today:


While this is all humorous, there is a danger to the press’ irresponsibility As the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald noted:

There is a real danger here that this maneuver could harshly backfire, to the great benefit of Trump and to the great detriment of those who want to oppose him. If any of the significant claims in this “dossier” turn out to be provably false — such as Cohen’s trip to Prague — many people will conclude, with Trump’s encouragement, that large media outlets (CNN and BuzzFeed) and anti-Trump factions inside the government (CIA) are deploying “Fake News” to destroy him. In the eyes of many people, that will forever discredit — render impotent — future journalistic exposés that are based on actual, corroborated wrongdoing.

The lack of self-awareness in someone is problematic. When it infects those who claim to be unbiased reporters of news, it is dangerous.

Donald Trump, barring some catastrophic disaster between now and noon on Friday, is going to be President for the next four years. If Progressives don’t want Trump in office for eight years, they need to stop being Ravenous Bugblatter Beasts. They need to accept reality.


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