Boris Badenov Did Not Alter Votes to Allow Trump to Win

Let’s be clear: If Russia intervened and altered the recent United States Presidential Election, it is an Act of War. A foreign power intervening in another country’s governmental succession is one of, if not the oldest, Casus Belli there is. The United States would be completely justified, if not compelled, in declaring war on a fellow nuclear power in retaliation for Russia’s interference in our internal affairs.


This did not happen. There is zero evidence that Russia altered the ballots between the time voters cast the ballots and the ballots were delivered to the election workers who were tasked with counting the votes. Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale did not go from Election Precinct to Election Precinct and swap ballots marked for Hillary with ones marked for Donald Trump. It didn’t happen. Indeed, the Washington Post assured the American Public on October 18, 2016 that it was impossible to rig the Presidential Election in this country.

To the extent there were voting irregularities, this was not the result of nefarious foreign interference. The irregularities were simply human errors that caused errors in voting tabulations. Though it is rather amazing that a lot of the voting issues seemed to occur in heavily democratic voting districts and the irregularities may have erroneously cause Hillary Clinton’s vote totals to be inflated. But that’s none of my business….

So if Russia wasn’t editing ballots, what in the Hell is causing so many Democrats to clutch their pearls so tightly?

An anonymous CIA official told the Washington Post that US Intelligence believes Russia influenced the US election by publishing Democrats emails.

That’s it. Russia published some stuff Democrats wished weren’t published.

What the recent anonymous CIA claims allege is Russia hacked both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC) email systems but only released the DNC emails in an effort to affect the outcome of the election in Trump’s favor.


This new revelation about Russia hacking the RNC contradicts the FBI assessment and what the Bureau told Republicans . The FBI told the RNC in October there was no evidence their email system was hacked. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has found no conclusive evidence that Russia favored Trump over Clinton during the election

Let’s just stop here for a moment and ponder: if the agencies entrusted with protecting America’s National Security cannot even agree as to something as basic as whether a foreign power has hacked a private entity’s email server, why should we be confident that our actual National Security Secrets are safe? The ones kept on secured government servers kept in high security facilities as well as those unsecured servers kept in bathrooms by Secretaries of State.

If there is any evidence of Russian Hacking in this election, President Obama owes it to the American People to Declassify the Evidence immediately so everyone can see the proof. And Congress should launch a Joint Commission with full subpoena power to investigate not only the claims, but also why the US Intelligence Community can’t even agree on whether Russia is hacking emails.

(And let’s also point out Donald Trump’s response that CIA’s claims should be discounted because the Agency also claimed Saddam Hussein had Weapon of Mass Destruction is correct. In 1993, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) introduced legislation that would have abolished the CIA. He reasoned that the agency, which failed to predict the fall of the Soviet Union was a useless Cold War relic. What is interesting is it is usually Democrats who distrust the CIA, not Republicans).

There are plenty of people who dislike Donald Trump that are still calling BS on this latest conspiracy theory. Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept, two entities not exactly known as being #EverTrumpers, have also pointed out the numerous reasons why these CIA claims should be taken skeptically.

Let’s accept for the moment that the Russians did hack the DNC’s email server. That would mean they have found a weakness in the server’s security and exploited it. Are we still confident about the FBI’s assessment that Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized, unsecured email server wasn’t hacked?

The Russian’s hacked the DNC server and…. What? Sent out bogus emails from Elizabeth Warren claiming she need your help in transferring money? Nonsense. All of those John Podesta emails, including the ones were he admits his boss, Hillary Clinton, is a liar, are actual emails he sent to other members of the DNC. The revelations that Donna Brazile, a DNC member working as an analyst for CNN leaked debate questions to Hillary’s Camp are true. The emails were Clinton supporters were trying to figure out how to use Bernie Sanders’ Jewish upbringing and current atheism against him in Bible Belt Primaries really did happen. The emails were the Clinton campaign tried squeeze political mileage out of the death of Eric Garner? Yeah those were all emails actually sent by DNC members.

In short, the damage caused to Hillary Clinton’s campaign by the these alleged Russian hacking, was a result of the public being exposed to further proof of the duplicity of the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. It simply reinforced what the public already knew: Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar and would do anything if it brought her power and money. It brings to mind the famous quote from the late Justice Louis D. Brandeis:

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

If Russia is responsible for the information on Wikileaks, it is a sad commentary on the American Media that a foreign power did more to shed the light on the corruption within our political system than ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, the New York Times, etc. did combined.

Is the RNC as corrupt as the DNC? I see no reason to think the GOP’s HQ is staffed with the Heavenly Host of Angels. I imagine its emails would show their underhanded dealings. It is probably as corrupt as its Democrat counterpart. And therein lies the rub: the DNC is pissed, not for what it did, but because it got caught in its lies and deceptions and the RNC was not. The DNC does not seem to grasp what every 3 year old is taught: “The Everybody Does It” Defense doesn’t work.

What this boils down is one of two things:

  • Russia wished to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. If this is the case, how is this different from the current administration’s attempts to influence the elections of Israel and Brexit? If we don’t want other countries being busybodies in our internal affairs, maybe we should stop being busybodies in other countries internal affairs.


  • Russia wished to undermine America’s faith in Democracy. Given the demands by Democrats for a redo of the election because they didn’t get their way, it would appear the Russians’ efforts were merely duplicitous of what Democrats already believe: Democracy is fine so long as the outcome is pre-ordained in your favor.

Either way, this whole “controversy” is much ado about nothing. At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton ran such a gawd-awful campaign, she managed to lose to Donald Trump. No amount of excuse making will alter that unassailable fact.


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