All Politics and No Play Will Drive You Crazy. Check CLFA November Booknado!

There are a large number of folks (over 25k) who have stopped by recently to check out the my post concerning misnomer of the “Popular Vote” and why Clinton did not win it. So since you clearly have good taste and are clearly well, read, you might be interested in the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance’s November Booknado. Here’s a blurb from CLFA’s original post:

The November CLFA Booknado churns across a darkened literary landscape, demolishing tired, old, ideologically Progressive pap and blasting fresh fiction choices all across the land! Pick up one of our featured titles today and join the movement. Click on the book image to learn more and shop! (Titles are considered new releases and/or sold at featured promotional price points […]

(via It’s the November CLFA Booknado! — Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance)

So go check-out their site and pick up a book or two (or three).




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