Seven Days in November

7 days.

1 week.

168 hours.

10,080 minutes.

604,800 seconds.

That’s how long the Clinton Campaign must hold on. (And let’s be clear, Hillary Clinton is not going to step down for the sake of the Democratic Party. The Clintons only care about the Clintons. She will ride the Democratic Party to defeat like Slim Pickens on a nuclear bomb before she gives up what she believes she entitled to receive, the Presidency of the United States.) If she can do that, none of this past weekend’s revelations about her emails (now up to 650,000 on Anthony Wiener’s computer) will matter one jot. Once Hillary Clinton secures the 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency, the entire investigation will end.

Sometime after Thanksgiving and before December 19, 2016, President Obama will appear at the White House, weather permitting in the Rose Garden, and commend outgoing FBI Director Comey for his public service. He will then announce while President-elect Clinton made some mistakes in the past, she didn’t intend to do any harm. And since it is not in the public interest to have an investigation ongoing, he is proactively pardoning Hillary Clinton for whatever unintended criminal actions she may have caused. President-elect Clinton will accept the pardon while maintaining she did nothing wrong, but agreeing that for the sake of the country she believes it is best we all put this non-story behind us.

Sure it would be an unpopular decision. But Clinton will already be the most unpopular President to take office. And yes the little people will grumble. But so what? The Salons of New York and Chicago and San Francisco will decree it matters not. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, et. al. will begin the spin. The Narrative will say the only people who are still making a big to do about Clinton’s criminal actions (which totally weren’t criminal) are those stupid, evil, bitter, clinging Republicans obsessed with the past for wanting a full accounting. She was pardon, cased closed.

Now, some Republicans will call for impeachment, setting off a debate as to whether a President can be impeached for possible crimes that have been pardoned. However, House Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell will do some basic math and come up with the number 51, which happens to be the number of Republican Senators. This is also coincidentally the maximum number of votes there would be to convict President Clinton for the impeachment charges, well short of the 67 votes needed. Deciding it is better to be called a “cuckservative” than make Clinton a martyr, no impeachment proceeding will occur. Instead, the government will gridlock for the next four years.

All if Hillary Clinton’s campaign can survive the next seven days.

The question is: Can she?


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