The Corbyn-ite Maneuver

Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. His policy positions are, by all accounts, Socialist. He is an avowed enemy of Capitalism and wants to bring the United Kingdom back to the pre-Thatcherite days. (You know, when the dead and trash piled up because of strikes). Following his less than enthusiastic campaign for the “Remain” camp in the Brexit vote, many of Labour Party’s elected officials wanted Corbyn out. There was an attempted coup of sorts, but ultimately, it was left up to the rank and file to decide. And they decided to stick with Corbyn.

I think this should be known as Corbynism: When a Politician leads his/her party to disaster because that is where the party faithful want to go.

The GOP rank and file is pulling a Corbyn-ite Manuever in the United States. In the period between Donald Trump’s P***y grabbing comment and Sunday’s “debate”, Clinton took a 11-point lead in the national polls. No Presidential Candidate has ever overcome such a large deficit with less than 30 days to the election. This is why so many Republican Officials are abandoning Trump.

(I had castigated John McCain for not renouncing his endorsement of Trump. He has since done so. It is a shame Paul Ryan can’t put on his big boy pants and do the same).

And yet….

If we are to believe a video posted by  EverTrumper Laura Ingraham, thousands of Republican Voters want to stand with a Sexual Predator in much the same fashion as the Democrats stand by their predators.

The rank and file Republicans have decided it doesn’t matter whether they win this election. That can be the only conclusion to draw when the party decides the guy who is losing almost every traditional battleground state (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina) and barely holding the lead in traditional Red States such as Georgia and Utah is the man most qualified to lead the party. And it should be noted there has been no polling in Utah since last Friday’s revelations and the decision of many elected Republican Officials in that State to disavow the party nominee. Trump had a very narrow path to victory from day one and this revelation makes it all but impossible. At this point, Hillary Clinton could have an epileptic fit during the 3rd debate and she would still win the election.

But the Republican EverTrumpers don’t care. There is not a conservative position they will not abandon. Free-Trade? Gone. Opposition to costly and unnecessary government mandates? If Trump is for it, they’re ok with it. If Donald Trump came out and announced we needed to restore Jim Crow laws, social media would be exploding with “conservatives” explaining why this was fine. Sure, some might express reservations, but they would justify it because of the Supreme Court.

The longer the campaign goes, the dumber that particular argument becomes. The more Trump speaks, the clearer it becomes he is anti-Freedom and pro-Statism. His political positions make him anti First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution. Given how personally he takes anything remotely resembling a slight, why would anyone rationally expect him to choose a jurist who believes in Originalism and would decide cases limiting the power of the government?

Clearly, rationality has nothing to do with it. The EverTrumpers were the same people panicking at the beginning of the Spring over the idea of a transgender male in the same bathroom as their wives and daughters because, sexual predators. Today, they’re going to the wall to defend a predator and chastising anyone who points out these hypocritical inconsistencies. They have become what they hate the most: Democrats. As Megan McArdle noted:


But none of this matters to the EverTrumps. All that will matter in the end is they stood by the one candidate Hillary Clinton hoped the Republicans would nominate.

And the worst part of it all? They think they’re winning.

As I noted just after the conventions, Jonah Goldberg’s Pivot Challenge (i.e. when would EverTrumps admit Trump was never going to pivot into a serious candidate) was flawed because Trump and his supporters never think he is wrong:

The flaw in Goldberg’s pivot challenge is simple: EverTrumpers see no reason for Trump to pivot. They think what he is doing right now is the right course of action. They think he is winning. They are incapable of admitting that Trump is very possibly the worst candidate for President ever put forth by a major political party (a distinction he shares with current Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton). They would rather blame the NeverTrumps for their candidate’s current predicament. They are delusional.

But to the Trumpkins, it’s all ok. They’re fine going to hell so long as Donald Trump is the one leading them there. At least when they get there, they’ll be able to commiserate with UK Labour backers.


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