Apres Trump le Deluge?

Trump is done. Right?

I mean not even the GOP’s Grand Moff Tarkin (a/k/a Reince Priebus) can believe this can be papered over or spun away.

Imagine being Mike Pence right now. How does he feel about being second banana to Trump? Actually for Pence the silver lining is this: At least it happened after the Vice Presidential debate. Which is better than Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz, who had told people to vote their conscience decided to put Party over Principle and began campaigning for the man who disparaged his wife’s looks and accused his father of being party of the assassination of JFK. Senator, you abandoned your principles for political expediency. You have nothing left now.

There isn’t a Republican Politician who is going to go to the wall and defend Donald Trump on this*. Paul Ryan has walked away.  New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte suddenly doesn’t remember who Donald Trump is. John McCain thinks Trump alone should face the consequences of his actions. I honestly have no idea what McCain means. What I do know is not Ryan, not Ayotte, not John “Straight Talk Express” McCain, none have withdrawn their endorsements of Donald Trump for President. Condemning Donald Trump’s words as being inexcusable but still believing the man is qualified from the Presidency shows you are not qualified for your elected positions. They should act. But they won’t.

(*Actually I just found one:


Guess Washington State got the shipment of Trump flavored Kool-Aid Flavor-aid).

Full props then to the Republican Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, who has withdrawn his endorsement of Trump. Utah, a state that has voted Republican since 1968 and the leader of the state has said no thanks.

The only thing sadder than watching Republicans trying to distance themselves from Trump without actually repudiating him, are the #EverTrumps a/k/a Trumpkins, who are desperately trying to explain it all away. Sean Hannity is comparing Donald Trump’s remarks to the Bible’s King David having concubines. I’d say stop, you’re embarrassing yourself, but Hannity has long since traded away his dignity in exchange for the being organ grinder’s monkey at the end of Trump’s string.

It doesn’t matter that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator. Bill Clinton isn’t running for President. Donald Trump is. And these comments are disgusting, vile, and the man is not qualified to be President.

Yes Hilary Clinton is a soulless demon who will destroy America the first chance she gets and should not be President. But just because she shouldn’t be President doesn’t give Donald Trump a pass to be a vile and disgusting human being.  And if it wasn’t for Donald Trump’s penchant for being an idiot, tonight’s news cycle would be about the Wiki-leaks of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

If Donald Trump had any self-respect and any loyalty to the Republican Party, he would withdraw. Tonight. But he won’t.

So if the party leadership won’t leave him and Trump won’t leave the party, it’s time for Republicans to walk away.

Do not vote for Trump. If you are a Republican and vote for Trump, you are signing the death warrant for the Republican Party.

I once again urge you to reject Trump and vote for Gary Johnson. As Johnson has said, vote for freedom one time. I you don’t like it, you can always vote for tyranny again in 2020.

If that is too big of a leap, fine vote for Egg McMuffin Evan McMullin.

But #NeverTrump.


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