2 More Debates? Bother

Forty Two Days.

Forty Two more <Bleepin’> Days.

That’s how much longer this campaign has left.

Suddenly SMOD is looking like a viable choice come November 8th.

Dear Lord was that debate horrible. Even by the minimal standards of today’s soft bigotry of low expectations it was bad. There was No Substance. Just a wall of words screeched by both candidates trying to get that zinger of a sound bite that would demolish the other.

I actually turned the sound off for a while last night hoping to improve the quality of the debate.

It didn’t help.

And there are two more of these damn things coming up. (Actually three if you count the Vice Presidential Debate. But I’m kind of looking forward to Dr. Phlox and Race Bannon Debating.)

Remind me again why Gary Johnson and Jill Stein shouldn’t be on the debate stage? Putting the Libertarian and Green Party candidates with GOP and Democrat candidates would only class up the joint. There is no way you can tell me with a straight face that Trump and Clinton are serious candidates. Which is probably why the bi-partisan debate commission (someone needed to fact check ol’ Lester there. It isn’t nonpartisan, Les. It’s highly partisan towards Democrats and Republicans only) doesn’t want to lose control of its duopoly by allowing anyone else on stage. If Johnson and Stein were there, people might actually question the assumption that only a Republican or a Democrat can be President or that voting for someone not named Trump or Clinton is “throwing away your vote”.

Going into the debate, Trump needed to show he knew what he was doing. He needed to overcome the impression of 30+ years that he is nothing but Professor Harold Hill/Lyle Lanley. Clinton needed to show people she could be trusted. She needed to overcome the impression of 30+ years that she is a political opportunist who will blow with the prevailing wind.

Neither accomplished their respective objectives.

Trump reinforced all of the charges against him. I mean honestly, his answer to the opening question was reminiscent of Dana Carvey’s George Bush talking about “Staying the Course. A 1000 points of light.” He had no idea what he was doing up there. I understand modern political debating means not getting in specifics, but Trump didn’t even have broad brush strokes as to how he would stop businesses from leaving the country or how he would forces businesses to come back.

And please stop trying to claim Trump was always against the Iraq war. He may have told Sean Hannity privately was against it, but he told Howard Stern publicly he was for it.

The story that appeared in July about Kasich being offered the Vice Presidency having effective day to day control of the government while Trump “made America great again” doesn’t sound that far-fetched after hearing Trump speak last night. Trump has general ideas of concepts that he thinks would cure America’s problems. But any attempt to dig down and find something concrete is a fool’s mission. There is no there there.

(and by the by, if Howard Dean’s drive by diagnosis of Trump being on cocaine is accurate, then I think Trump should switch to Acid for the next debate. Clearly it couldn’t hurt his performance).

Not that Clinton, version 6.0, was any better. She once again was trying to reintroduce herself to the American people and make those over 40 forget the past 30 years and those under 40 find her cool, hip and relevant. Nothing she said is going to change anyone’s opinion of her. It was also telling that while Trump referred to Clinton almost always as “Secretary Clinton”, she always referred to him as “Donald”, not “Mr. Trump”. That is a breech of etiquette and is done simply to show superiority over your opponent.

For all her time in <ahem> public service, she still has no accomplishments to show. Visiting a 122 nations? That’s nice. When you’re flying a customize 747 with a queen sized bed and all the amenities you could ask for, there’s nothing really taxing about racking up those frequent flier mileage. But what exactly does Clinton have to show for it?

The Russian Reset? How’s that working out?

How’s Libya these days?

Trump’s one good line was pointing out she was for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade agreement (TPP) before she was against it. She did call it the “Gold Standard” of trade agreements. She was completely for it until Trump and Sanders started generating popularity by opposing it. And when the prevailing wind blew from Vichy, she opposed her “Gold Standard”. But she hasn’t explained what is wrong with her “Gold Standard”. And she should be pressed on that issue. Trump is actually right: if the TPP ceased to be the “Gold Standard”, is Obama to blame? And if not, who is and why is Obama still pushing for ratification?

She has nothing to show for her <ahem> public service except more scandals and more evidence of a pay to play mentality.

It’s also amazing that a woman who made a little more than $10,000,000.00 a year giving speeches to Goldman Sachs and other folks on Wall Street refers to the rich as “they” as if she wasn’t one of them.

The spin has been fascinating. The EverTrumps are blaming the microphones, Lester Holt, the illumanati, and anyone else they can think of for his poor performance. Because it is never Trump’s fault when things go wrong. It is always someone else. Look for the EverTrumps to start dismissing polling data (again) if when Trump starts to drop in the polls and for Sean Hannity starting to make empty threats.

Meanwhile, Clinton supporters are playing the sexism card because Trump was seemingly mean to her.

Are you f****g kidding me?

You want your candidate to lead a nuclear superpower, go toe to toe with the Russians, Chinese, ISIS and Al-Qaeda and you’re whining because Donald Trump talked over her? Why not mention getting a case of the vapors for his actions?

Nobody won and Trump hurt himself.

I still maintain Clinton will win the election come November because the structures of the American election system favor her, despite her lead in the electoral college votes dropping faster than the Houston Texans last Thursday night against the back up to the back up of Tom Brady.

But it is also clear Clinton will become President not because people like her. Hell, she won’t even pull a Nixon and claim she won because You Need Her. No, she will win simply  because people will decide they dislike her slightly less than they dislike Donald Trump.

That is utterly depressing makes Voyager the only winner last night.



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