The Emperor Has No Clothes

On Super Tuesday, Donald Trump not only won the Massachusetts Primary, but crushed all opposition. Is Massachusetts the canary in the coal mine trying to tell us something? Could Donald Trump win the national ele…

[Pauses. Looks at RCP Average of Post Convention PollsLooks at current electoral map ]

Yeah. Never mind. Trump is toast.

He is losing in every poll since the conventions.

He has decided to pick a fight with a Gold Star mom.

He has decided to ‘joke’ about assassinating a political rival.

And the ‘joke’ was told on the same day as it was discovered that Seddique Mateen, the father of the terrorist who murdered 50 people in a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, attended a Clinton campaign event. Not only that, Mateen, a Taliban supporter is also a supporter of Hillary Clinton. And does Donald Trump respond to this? Does he make political hay by pointing out that someone who is in favor a military and political ideology currently battling and killing American soldiers thinks Clinton would be a better President?

No. He instead decides to tell a joke about killing Hillary Clinton. And suddenly no one cares about Seddique Mateen. These are the moments that make even the most skeptical people wonder if Trump is in the employ of the Clinton 2016 Campaign.

Let’s be clear, since the time of Henry II, politicians have understood the dangers of, in a moment of exasperation or for the sake of levity, saying something that could be misconstrued by people of below normal intelligence as a command to go forth a rid their leader of a troublesome opponent.

Not only that, but when the inevitable uproar occurs, instead of admitting that yeah, it was pretty dumb and he didn’t mean it, Trump doubles down and blames the media for pointing out what he said.

No matter what Donald Trump says, no matter how asinine, the EverTrumps rush out to justify it usually by posting on social media how Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden said something similarly stupid 8 years ago.

That’s not an argument. That is the equivalent of a third grader justifying why he threw rocks through the window because “everyone is doing it.” We don’t tolerate it from children and there is no reason why we should tolerate it from a 70 year old man. It is not an argument for Donald Trump why should be President, it is just a reminder of how unfit Hillary Clinton is to be president.

Consider that Trump has long blamed Obama for the creation of ISIS. And you can make an argument that Obama’s Mid-East policies contributed to the terrorist organization’s rise from J.V. squad to Pro-Level Terrorists. But that is not what Trump means. On Thursday, during a wide ranging interview with Hugh Hewitt this issue was raised. From the transcript released by Hewitt:

HH: I’ve got two more questions. Last night, you said the President was the founder of ISIS. I know what you meant. You meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace.

DT: No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton.

Now listen to the exchange. It is clear Hewitt tries to rescue Trump from himself by claiming Trump was referring to Obama’s policies. But Trump would have none of it. He means Obama literally founded ISIS. Can’t wait for the Breibart expose on Obama’s role in the creation of the organization’s by-laws…

Then there is the insipid battle Trump decided to wage against Khizr and Ghazala Khan. Picking on the parents of a fallen US Soldier is a bad idea. Period. Scott Adams claim that somehow by doing this Donald Trump was actually shoring up the military vote has no basis in reality. (At last check Gary Johnson was the favorite on a majority of military men and women). It would have no basis in any fiction save that written by anti-military zealots. I feel confident that someone mocking the parents of a dead American soldier would be a villain in a Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts, Larry Bond, or W.E.B. Griffith novel.

It is amazing the ex post facto defenses of Trump’s actions.  Trump picks a fight with the Khans because he is so thin skinned, he can’t abide anyone challenging him, and the Trump followers begin pushing on social media all of these stories about how evil the Khans are and how Trump’s attacks are part of a master plan to expose the ‘truth’. The EverTrumps make Oliver Stone look like a well adjusted person when it comes to conspiracy theories. In their world (which is the same one where Paul Ryan was desperately fighting to keep his House seat and only managed to defeat his rival by 80 points), the Khans are part of some nefarious plan by the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS (and probably the Trilateral Commission with an assist from the Illuminati) to take away Americans’ guns, impose Sharia Law and steal our Precious Bodily Fluids. I’m still amazed none of the EverTrumps have connected Khizr Khan to Ted Cruz’s dad standing on the grassy knoll. They won’t admit it was a mistake, because Trump doesn’t think he made a mistake.

Trump campaigns on issues that are supposedly anathema to conservatives (blocking companies from moving where costs are cheaper, fighting government mandated wage levels, etc.). But instead of fighting Trump on these ideas, the EverTrumps attack those who point out these flaws. It reminds me of someone, I forget who, that noted if a small child ever pointed out the emperor had no clothes, the rest of the crowd wouldn’t laugh and mock the emperor, they would kill the child for pointing out the obvious and destroying the collective illusion.

A week ago Friday in his weekly G-File newsletter, Jonah Goldberg posed The Pivot Challenge:

I want to put forward a challenge to everyone still clinging to the he-can-change, pie-in-the-sky, free-beer-tomorrow, Godot’s-bus-is-just-running-late, he-can-change fantasy. Pick a date. Any date between now and Election Day. I want you to commit to the idea that if he hasn’t changed by that day, he never will. And on that day, you need to accept that he is the same cheeto-dusted smatterer some of us saw from Day 1. Then, ask yourself: “What should we do now?”

The flaw in Goldberg’s pivot challenge is simple: EverTrumpers see no reason for Trump to pivot. They think what he is doing right now is the right course of action. They think he is winning. They are incapable of admitting that Trump is very possibly the worst candidate for President ever put forth by a major political party (a distinction he shares with current Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton). They would rather blame the NeverTrumps for their candidate’s current predicament.They are delusional.

The only people more delusional are the Republicans who stood by and let this happen and now wonder what is going on. We start with Reince Priebus, the Grand Moff Tarkin of the GOP. Priebus has hired a strategist to figure out ways the Republican Party can appeal to black and other minority groups. It’s going to be pretty awkward when the first suggestion is jettisoning the party’s nominee.

Speaking of a Dump Trump movement, it has been sad watching Republicans trying to determine who would be the nominee once Trump decides to drop out of the race despite there being zero evidence Donald Trump has ever considered dropping out of the 2016 election.

[As a side note, if Trump did quit and then went into seclusion, the Sean Hannitys and Anne Coulters of the world would still support him and venerate him as if he was the Legendary 12th Imam having gone into Occultation until the United States needed a savior.]

While it has been fascinating to read the rules on how a party can replace a candidate prior to the election, it has no relevance to 2016 because Donald Trump is not going to leave. Remember, he thinks he is winning and is so successful that he is going to campaign in Blue States, such as Connecticut, instead of focusing on the swing states he needs to get to 270. And Grand Moff Priebus has been forced to come out with pronouncements dismissing the mere notion that Trump/Pence 2016 is anything but a rousing success.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus upon being told some Republicans were looking to Dump Trump.

There is simply no scenario in which Trump’s demolition at the polls will be attributable to his own actions by the EverTrumps. No, when Trump goes down in flames in Hindenburg like fashion at ballot box, it will be because he was stabbed in the back by the November criminals who didn’t vote for the Tangerine-American and allowed Hillary to win.

I have reconciled myself to the fact there will be no rapprochement between the various pro and anti Trump factions. The EverTrumps have already made it clear that even though their candidate is being thoroughly rejected by Republicans, Democrats, and independents, it will somehow be the NeverTrump’s fault that the warnings about Trump lacking the temperament, organizational skills, grasp of policy issues, and attention to detail needed to run a successful campaign were ignored.

EverTrumps: You were warned and you failed to heed the warnings.

Your Emperor has no clothes.


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