Reject Hillary

(Apologies for no post last Saturday. I was under the weather and in no condition to be posting anything, especially about politics.)

To Democrats:

You can’t vote for Hillary Clinton. You know it. I know. Hillary Clinton knows it.

The fact Hillary keeps trying to reintroduce herself to the American people despite being in the public arena since the 1990s speaks volumes. People do not like her. People do not trust her. And they have no reason to.

She is, as William Safire noted in 1996, a congenital liar. She has lied about

-the Rose Law Records

-the White Travel Office


-Taking fire in Bosnia

-Her support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq


-her email accounts on the unsecured server.

The emails lies are probably the most stunning. There is a video that shows all of her lies on the topic. It is Thirteen (13) Minutes long! She is still lying about the emails, now claiming the FBI directed exonerated her, when he did the exact opposite. When the Washington Post, the bastion of the Establishment Left gives you four Pinocchios, you know her lies are blatant.

Why in the name of George McGovern would you want this woman to be the face of the Democratic Party ?

Yes I know she is the nominee of a major political party despite the fact she has no accomplishments of her own. The closest thing Clinton is the fact she traveled to 112 Countries while Secretary of State.

You cannot cash in frequent flier miles to be President.

Nothing she did as Sec State is beneficial to the US. Remember how she traveled to Russia to reset our relations because all our disagreements with Vladimir Putin were George W. Bush’s fault? Yeah, how’s that working out? While everyone focuses on Clinton’s actions and inactions regarding Benghazi, if she hadn’t supported Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional war in Libya, Benghazi would not have happened. Her support helped destabilize a country while blithely commenting, “We came, we saw, he [Mommar Qaddafi] died.” Yes Qaddafi died. And as a result, Libya went from a totalitarian state to a failed state with a large and productive presence by ISIS. You can draw a straight line from the decision to overthrow Qaddafi to the death of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

Clinton’s support of Libya was driven by reports from an old pal Sidney Blumenthal who had substantial business interests in Libya. If you hate George W. Bush and went along with the chant, “He lied, millions died” you cannot support a woman who lies provoked a humanitarian crisis just so a crony could benefit?

There is no segment of the Democratic Party that can possibly justify voting for Clinton.

If you were a Bernie Sanders supporter, how can you possibly vote for Goldman Sachs favorite speaker? Hillary Clinton made more for a 30 minute speech to Goldman Sachs than a public school teacher will make in a decade. She is the embodiment of Cronyism.

And that is putting aside the fact that the Democratic National Committee had to rig the primary process for Hillary in order for her to beat Bernie. And look how the DNC responded. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign… so she could work for the Clinton 2016 Campaign. The party isn’t even remotely sorry that they did all they could to stop Sanders.  They are sorry that someone leaked the information about what they did. So what makes you think Hillary Clinton is going to listen to you?

If you are a feminist, Hillary Clinton is not a role model. She hasn’t broken a glass ceiling because she hasn’t accomplished anything on her own but because of marriage to Bill Clinton. As Dennis Miller once noted, “If the Clintons‘ marriage were any more about convenience, they’d have to install a Slurpee machine and a Slim-Jim rack.” She is in the position she is simply because Hillary Clinton stood by her man in Tammy Wynnette fashion as her continuously had affairs and sexually assaulted women. In fact she not only stood by him, but she has engaged in the “Nuts and Sluts” defense to attack her husband’s accusers.

She leveraged her standing in the Lewinsky scandal to win a Senate seat. She accomplished nothing in the Senate except for voting for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And when those position became unpopular and the prevailing winds shifted, Clinton changed tacked and claimed she was tricked by a man?

This is modern feminism?

There are much better role models such as Margaret Thatcher and Mia Nikki Haley and Mia Love. These are women who achieved their positions by doing things.

[And stop with this claim that Clinton was unfairly maligned in 1992 because she wasn’t sufficiently motherly. This is a complete balderdash and an utter rewriting of history. When Bill Clinton ran for President in 1992, he campaigned on the idea the Hillary Clinton would be working right alongside him. It was a 2 for 1 deal. Setting aside the UnConstitutionality of that idea, if Hillary Clinton was going to be co-President, then she was subject to the same vetting process as any other candidate.]

If you are a member of a minority community, what has she done to make your life better? To better your community? She supported the 1994 Crime Bill, referring to the targets of the bill (generally African-American males) as “superpredators” and only apologized for using the phrase when it became necessary to do so.

The claim that the 1994 Crime Bill wasn’t the fault of the Democrats? As Joe Biden would say, “Marlarky.” The 1994 Crime Bill was passed when Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress.  It passed the House with 188 Democratic Votes, including Chuck “Red Light” Schumer. (189 if you include Independent Bernie Sanders). Only 46 Republicans voted in the affirmative in the House.

On the Senate Side then Senator Joe “Ridin’ With” Biden was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was a major force behind the bill. It passed 95-4 with only the only Democrats voting no being Russ Feingold and Illinois Senator Paul Simon. (Byron Dorgan of North Dakota didn’t vote). So this idea that the Democrats didn’t know is full of hooey. They knew. Hillary Clinton when she went around the country to advocate for the bill knew. The democrats were exploiting racial prejudices to pass this bill.

How many minorities are rotting in jail for non-violent drug offenses because of the Crime Bill? Do you really think she is going to have your best interest in mind as President?

If you are a member of the LGBT community, why would you support someone who has led from behind, only changing her position away from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when it became safe to do so?

Hillary Clinton will say anything to anyone to get elected certain in the knowledge she will never have to carry through with any of those promises. That was what her acceptance speech was: a checklist of promises she will never fulfill.

Think back to her speeches. In March of 2015, she gave a speech in which she supported the idea of mandatory camps for adults because of a “fun deficit”.  The idea is asinine and not really serious (I hope). But consider where she gave the speech: At a conference of the American Camping Association. She told people in the camping industry that she wanted everyone to go camping.

Do you think the philosophy of telling people what they want to hear is why none of the transcripts of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches have been released?

She doesn’t care about you.

She doesn’t care about the Democrat party.

She doesn’t care about America.

She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Voting for Clinton is as bad as voting for Trump.

So don’t.

Vote for Gary Johnson. Vote Libertarian.

Johnson is the only candidate who would decrease Cronyism. He would curb military spending. The Libertarian philosophy underlying his campaign would see the number of criminal laws reduced thereby reducing the interaction between the government and the people. That in turn would reduce the number of interactions between the police and member of minority communities.

It is the Libertarian Party, since its inception in 1972 that consistently called for marriage equality, long before Hillary Clinton supported it.

I get that Libertarians are not the same as Democrats. But if the choice is Hillary Clinton, a man who until recently praised Hillary Clinton, or Gary Johnson, than Johnson is the best choice. Not only are you voting your conscience as well as for freedom and fidelity to the Constitution, but you are casting a vote for an end to the political duopoly that has given us these two mind-bendingly bad choices.

As Gary Johnson says, Vote Freedom this one time. If you don’t like, you can always go back to the two party tyranny next time.

Democrats: Reject Clinton.

Vote Johnson


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