Reject Trump

Well, the 2016 Cuyahoga Fire has ended. There were some nice highlights. All joking aside, Cleveland did an amazing job as the host city. Its citizens should be proud.There was almost no violence and few arrests, save for the KKK, Black Lives Matter and the Westboro Baptist Church pissing on each other (Literally as Joe Biden would say) and a flag burning demonstration that ended up burning the demonstrator. Cleveland Ohio is an open carry City and despite the hysterical pleas by the President of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association Stephen Loomis for Governor John “What Republican Convention” Kasich to use his heretofore unknown dictatorial powers and outlaw firearms, there was no mass shootings despite the presence of armed Black Panthers and Bikers for Trump in Cleveland.

Inside the Convention Hall, not everything was doom and gloom. Race Bannon as the Vice Presidential nominee was an interesting selection. It makes sense for a television celebrity to pick another tv personality to be his running mate. And given the parties growing acceptance of the LBGTQ community (Both Trump and Cruz praised the community, Peter Thiel spoke), I guess Bannon makes sense.

Wait? That’s not Race Bannon. It’s who? Mike Pence? Really the Indiana Governor? The Mike Pence who folded like a cheap suit on when it came to defending First Amendment Religious Liberties? Really? Huh. Go Figure

Are you sure they’re not one in the same?

But the Convention ended as we knew it would: the complete hostile takeover of the Republican Party and its rebranding as Trump: The Party (Motto: “The Yugest, Richest, Most Luxurious Party Ever”). It is no longer the Party of Lincoln. It is no longer the Party of Reagan. It is no longer the home of the conservative movement. Thursday night it became the party of Donald J. Trump.

Prior to his 70 minute acceptance speech composed of Grade A Pablum, Trump was introduced by his daughter Ivanka Trump. Her speech was fine except someone forgot to tell Ms. Trump her father was accepting the Republican Party nomination. Her speech was could have been written for Hillary Clinton. It promised traditional Progressive boons such as  government childcare and reinforced the discredit myth of the wage gap. (Honestly, when Politifact admitted it was mostly false when Obama said, you know it’s BS). Since Ivanka Trump’s speech was approved by her father campaign, it means, this is now a tenet of  Republicans Trump: The Partiers. It’s only a matter of time before Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter rip into Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for being RINOs by not passing equal-pay laws.

If the purpose of the Convention was to unify the party, it failed in this task.The theme of the convention appears to have been moving away from freedom and free markets and towards embracing the State as all knowing, all powerful. It is telling Trump mentioned “Freedom” and “Constitution” one time apiece in his acceptance and both when discussing making trade less free. A lot of the speeches could have just as easily been given in front of a Hillary-less Democratic Convention. In retrospect, Republicans should have known something was amiss when Melania Trump couldn’t even be bother to plagiarize from a Republican First Lady.

So Republicans let me offer my condolences on the loss of the Republican Party. Take some consolation in the fact that the Party of Lincoln and Reagan didn’t suffer long before being overwhelmed by Trump and his followers. Indeed, it was entirely fitting for the Donald on Monday night to enter Quicken Loans Arena on Night One in a manner plagiarized similar to WWE’s Undertaker. After all Republicans, the undertaker is the last person to let you down.

The Republican Party as you have known it since 1964 is dead. For those who have no place in the party, i.e. #NeverTrumpers, it is time to move. Oh sure, I know people (#EverTrumpers?) who are telling you must vote for Trump. My response:


Are you really prepared to vote for someone who:

(*Now to be fair, in his acceptance speech, Trump modified this by saying “[W]e must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place.” So, he is arguing for a location based criteria. I guess that means folks from France, which has been hit by 7 terrorist attacks in the last twelve months, and Germany which has had two attacks this week will no longer be allowed entry into the US).

He is the nominee of a major political party. Nothing can change that. So it is time to face facts:The man’s policies are insane and unworkable. His economic policies are straight out of the Smoot-Hawley playbook. Consider this line from his acceptance speech:

“I am not going to let companies move to other countries, firing their employees along the way, without consequences.”

The only way to stop companies from moving is to abrogate the Freedom of Movement. And if the company is moving and firing employees because it cannot sustain itself in the US, that requires a Federal bailout. Every industry under a Trump Administration is too big to fail. Any conservative should be scared sh*tless about that intrusion by the State into the economy. And by the by, how is that any different to the Obama Administration’s opposition to Inversions?

Trump has long opposed NAFTA and he  opposes the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact because he claims it is a giveaway to China despite China not being a party to the proposed Pact. He not only opposes TTP and NAFTA and ignores years of evidence showing free trade has increased the GDP and stretched the buying power of the dollar, he believes Free-Trade Agreements are Rape. That’s either an amazingly bad analogy or Trump believes in the Marxist theory of labor. Neither augurs well for the American Economy.

(He also talked about stopping China’s currency manipulation, but not how he would do it. Does he have any idea or this just chumming the waters?What is the difference between what China is doing and US Policy of Quantitative Easing?)

His immigration plans are just as delusional. Trump claims he is going to build a wall and end catch and release of all illegals. He is very clear in his speeches, he is talking about a physical wall and physically removing illegals. But that apparently isn’t the case.

His campaign surrogates, such as New York Congressman Chris Collins (an early Trump backer) says it will be a digital wall and the illegals will be subjected to virtual deportations. I’m not even sure what virtual deportations are. Is it making them wear VR goggles and subjecting them to Penn Jillette’s Desert Bus?

So no actual wall along the border and no mass exodus of people south along the Rio Grande. Collins made those comments on May 18, 2016. 66 days have passed and Trump has neither  disavowed nor had Collins correct his statements. The candidate is telling supporters one thing while his staff is planning something else. Either Trump is lying or he ignorant of the actions of his own staff. The former shows him to be unfit, the latter is four more years of the current “I just found out when I read it in the newspaper” crap.

One mention of Freedom and one mention of Constitution in his acceptance speech. 83 times he invoked “I”. Humble?

Lesley Stahl: You’re not known to be a humble man. But I wonder-

Donald Trump: I think I am, actually humble. I think I’m much more humble than you would understand.”

After all, only the truly humble can tell you how humble they are. We’ve had eight years of someone constantly humblebragging and look at the damage it has caused to the fabric of this nation. We don’t need another four. Especially when Trump tells us how he can fix it:

“Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”

And by the system, he means the way the rich and powerful influence what they want. I guess in one sense this could be true: if you have spent your career buying politicians, you know what they’re worth. But if you prepared to buy, then you already know the price at which you can be bought. That is Cronyism. Do we really want a Cronyist to run things? Is that what this country has become? A place where the government only assists its supporters instead of the Commonweal? It is a place where Hillary Clinton avoiding prosecution becomes the norm, not the exception. It is factionalism at its worse where instead of the Blues and Greens, we are the Reds and Blues.
Is that the right direction for America?

Aside from the jokes about Trump with his finger on the nuclear button, a Trump presidency would be a danger to the fundamental underpinnings of the Republic. A blogger (I don’t recall who) noted some months back that if Clinton becomes President and when her economic policies fail, as they will, she will get the blame and rightly so. The problem is if Donald Trump is elected and when his economic policies fail, as they will, he will not get the blame. Because Trump was elected as a Republican, Capitalism will get the blame. We cannot afford Capitalism to be discredited. If that happens then Americans have completed the journey on the Road to Serfdom. And the best we could hope for is UK Socialism were at least the yoke is padded.

Trump is spectacularly incompetent and unfit to be President. You know it, I know it. Hell, he probably knows it. He is an Randian villain.

This country can do better than electing him.

America deserves better.

To those listening, please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience. Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

-Eduardo Rafael “Ted” Cruz

Isn’t it telling that the EverTrumps automatically assumed Cruz, by telling people to vote their conscience and vote to uphold the Constitution, was taking a swipe at their candidate, not simply urging them to not vote for Hillary? How does that not speak volumes as to what Trump’s own supporters know and/or believe about his integrity?

And contrary to what EverTrumps tell you, you do have a choice. And that choice is not simply either a vote for Trump or a vote for Clinton. By not voting for Trump, you are not voting for Hillary.

You can vote Libertarian. You can vote Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is correct, voting your conscience means voting for him, not Trump.

Yes, I know conservatives tend to have mixed feelings about libertarians. But Bill Kristol never found his conservative white knight. If you believe in the Rule of Law and want the Constitution is respected and obeyed the only option is a vote for Gary Johnson.

Johnson and Libertarians believe in the First Amendment. He believes in guns rights, lowering taxes and reducing government spending and debt, strong national defense, and self-determination; they oppose Kelo style takings, subsidies on energy production, opposes governmental mandates regarding climate change, government mandated unions, Obamacare, and excessive governmental regulations. The Venn diagram of areas of agreement between Conservatives and Libertarians is bigger than you think.

But what of the EverTrumps argument:

If Hillary is elected, liberals will control the Supreme Court for generations.

First, let’s come off the ledge for a moment. Even assuming Hillary gets two nominations (Justice Scalia’s and, presumably, Justice Ginsburg) in the next four years (and to be clear, whether it’s Trump or Clinton, we’re talking a one term President), the country will survive. This Country survived the Warren era and Burgher era of the Supreme Court. That was 32 years and we kept moving forward. Not having the Supreme Court as a Bulwark would be depressing, but not fatal. And there is no guarantee Justice Ginsburg will leave the bench. Progressives keep trying to push her off. She may stay just out of spite.

So now that being said, what makes you think Trump will be better?

-He issued a list of 11 conservatives judges that he said could be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Yes and he also qualified that saying he would add to that list later.

Yes, so he would be better.

You’re assuming he would actually nominate one of those 11. Given Trump’s views concerning the Bill of Rights and the other issues listed above, he’s more likely to nominate a judge who shares his view of the Constitution. Scalia opposed Kelo. Trump supports it. He’s not going to appoint someone who will disagree with him or say “You can’t do that.” The best you can hope for is getting a David Souter.

But, but the Republicans in the Senate wouldn’t allow it.

You mean the same Republicans that have been accused of being too deferential to a Democratic President in not standing up to his unConstitutional Excesses?


So you expect the Republicans to be less deferential to a President from their own party than they are to one from another political party?



This is Conservative’s “Come to Jesus” moment: You can vote for someone with whom you agree with on many issues or you can vote for Donald Trump.This is why Ace of Spades is so spectacularly wrong. Not voting for Trump is not a vote for Hillary unless you cast that non-Trump vote for Hillary. A vote for Jill Stein is not a vote for Hillary. It is a vote for Jill Stein. It is a vote for the candidate of your choice.

I get that Libertarians are not the same as conservatives. I know conservatives, such as Jonah Goldberg , hold libertarians in disdain and believes they should  grow-up. But libertarians did grow up. It was the so-called conservatives that paved the way for Trump: The Ascendancy. It is the conservatives who are willing to overlook the myriad ways Trump is not a conservative simply to have someone who promises to abuse the Constitution on their behalf. 

If the choice is Hillary Clinton, a man who until recently praised Hillary Clinton, or Gary Johnson, then Johnson is the best choice. Not only are you voting your conscience as well as for freedom and fidelity to the Constitution, but you are casting a vote for an end to the political duopoly that has given us these two mind-bendingly bad choices.

None of the arguments made by the EverTrumps holds water.

And if it helps, consider it this way: Since the aftermath of the 1964 General Election, social conservative and neocons have been the driving forces behind the Republican Party. This produced not only Ronald Reagan, but two Bushes and a Nixon. (Indeed, it is worth noting that 1928 was the last time the Republicans won the Presidency without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket). That’s not a bumper crop of “true” conservatives as President. Most of those candidates took no steps to shrink the size of government, or its increasing intrusion into all walks of Americans lives. But libertarians were told time and time again they had to hold their nose and vote for candidates who favored big government, big debts, and more spending because the other side’s candidate favored even bigger government, bigger debts, and even more spending. This was the best choice, libertarians were told. For over half a century this occurred. Consider 2016 as the year Libertarians are calling in those markers.

As Gary Johnson says, Vote Freedom this one time. If you don’t like, you can always go back to the two party tyranny next time.

Republicans: Reject Trump.
Vote Johnson


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