And Now For Something Completely Different

Tonight begins  the 2016 Re-enactment of the Fire on the Cuyahoga River more formally known as the GOP Convention. The <ahem> highlights of tonight’s program will be China and Scott Baio or as Jim Geraghty noted:


So if you are experiencing a sense of ennui at watching the convention, here’s a suggestion: Don’t.

Instead, read a book.

And as luck would have, the Conservative and Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA), which is, as the name suggests, a coalition of writers with conservative and libertarian political leanings, is having a book bomb.

<sorry, maybe I should have given a trigger warning for using the word ‘bomb’>

A book bomb is a marketing method whereby a book or small group of books are highlighted and people are encouraged to purchase the books in a set period of time. Why? Because the concentrated buying of the books cause the books ranking in the Amazon list to go up. The higher the book is on the list, the more people who are not part of the book bomb will see the title and may purchase it.

Here is the list of books for the CLFA book bomb It started today and runs through tomorrow.

I am currently reading Mike Kupari’s Her Brother’s Keeper. According to my e-reader, I am 25% of the way through it. And so far, it is a really good book. So, look for a full review down the road. I am probably going to be picking up Declan Finn’s Honor at StakeChasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine and the Iron Chamber of Memory by John C. Wright. I’d pick up more, but I have a back log of books to read (and Sunday Reviews to post).

So go take a look at the books, buy some (or all), help some authors.

Remember, the GOP convention is this week and the Democratic Convention convenes next week. That’s one week of Trump, one week of Clinton. They can’t force the folks at Camp X-Ray in Gitmo to watch as it would violate the Geneva Conventions. So there is no need for you to torture yourself by watching.

Read a book.



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