CTRL ALT Revolt and the American Left

Hopefully you read the review of CTRL ALT Review or this will probably not make sense

If you read Nick Cole’s blog, you will get a full run down on the back story to the publication of CTRL ALT Revolt.

But here is the short version: HarperCollins Publishing refused to publish CTRL ALT Revolt and dropped Cole as a publisher because a junior editor at HarperCollins had to retreat into her safe space because SILAS decided to destroy the human race because of abortion.

The villain used abortion as a motivation to kill. Not the hero, the villain. Seriously, how eff’ed up is that logic? Apparently abortion can only be presented as a positive such as the Daily Show did this week following the Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. If any of the Progressive Movement’s sacred cows are presented in anything other than a glowing light of righteousness, it is seen as a ‘hate crime’. It is perfectly acceptable for Progressives to produce a mockumentary on Donald Trump as a political attack piece. But they fail to grasp that Trump: The Art of the Deal was only possible because of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United that said a movie critical of Hillary Clinton was Constitutional. But they don’t see that because making fun of Trump is acceptable. Making fun of Hillary is not.

Too many progressives believe  the law is whatever they need it to be to justify their actions. Too many progressives refuse to acknowledge the existence of legitimate opposition. A good example of this is the “new” Ghostbusters movie. The first trailer for the remake, starring four female actors, is the most disliked video on Youtube. To progressives, he only reason people hate the movie is misogyny. And if you try to point out it may not be, well that’s just proof you are misogynistic. So to sum up: either you like the trailer or you hate women. Those are the only choices the Left is prepared to give you.

And just like American Communist Party newspaper in the 1930s, today’s progressives never have to explain their changing positions.

Consider the aforementioned Ghostbusters kerfuffle. Here is the Headline from io9.com when the first trailer dropped on March 3, 2016:

The New Ghostbusters Trailer Is Here, and Everything Looks Perfect

And then  the second trailer dropped May 19, 2016:

This New, Much-Improved Ghostbusters Trailer Amps Up the Ghostly Action

If the first trailer was perfect, how can the second be much-improved? That implies there were problems with the first. Problems that might cause people to dislike the trailer. Problems not related to the misogynistic tendencies of the viewers. But they are never called to acknowledge this or admit there could be other points of view.

Nick Coles’s book is another victim of this groupthink. Because abortion is shown to be a justification for taking a life, it cannot be allowed to be published lest the great unwashed masses begin asking questions. And the Progressive Movement does not wish to answer any question it does not pose itself.

The publishing industry once believed in free speech. I remember when Satanic Verses was published. Publishers proudly printed the book in defiance of threats from Iran. Not anymore. Now if something offends, it must not be published. Yale Press published a book concerning cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that caused unrest in Europe. But the book does not show the cartoons because it might upset Muslims.

Once publishers were the gatekeepers of what was acceptable. If they did not approve, you did not get published. Sure you could self publish a book, but the costs were prohibitive and good luck finding a store to stock your book. But that is no longer the case. The big publishers are no longer necessary for people to read go books. Amazon and other e-publishers are allowing more people to have access to more books than ever before in the entirety of history of humanity. Where Gutenberg opened reading to the masses, e-pub has opened the publication of books to the masses.


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