A Good Start for Johnson/Weld

This week, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Ticket dropped its first ad. It’s a very good introduction to the ticket, although when Weld says “Ditto”, I flashback to Blazing Saddles

My only complaint: it was only released on Twitter.

Yes, he’s polling better than 2012. Yes, Johnson & Weld are making the media rounds, appearing at a CNN Townhall and various Late Night Shows. But that’s not enough. Johnson is trying to get to the 15% threshold to appear in the Presidential Debates. If he wants to reach that level, if he wants people to answer #youin in the affirmative, he is going to need to have ads on television.

The libertarian SuperPACs are going to need to spend money on ads letting people know there is an alternative to Clintrump. They need to air ads on television.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, buy ad time during the Olympics. Buy ad time during the All-Star Game. Buy ad during NASCAR Races and episodes of So You Think You Can Dance?  Heck, buy ads during the MLS All-Star game. Everybody knows about Trump and Clinton. They have been getting tons and tons of free press for over a year to introduce themselves to the American People. The Libertarian Party candidate has less than three months to make up a portion of that deficit to reach 15%. And the only way people will consider voting for Johnson/Weld is if people are aware they have a choice beyond Clinton & Trump.



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