Paris 13 November 2015

Paris has been the subject of a horrific terror attack today. At last count, 160 people were dead, scores in serious condition. It has not been confirmed, but a good bet is this is the result of Islamic Terrorists.

Now the French may be (as Groundskeeper Willie observed) “Cheese eating surrender monkeys”, but goddammit, they’re our cheese eating surrender monkeys. We may disagree, but it is a disagreement within a family, the family being Western Civilization. We can razz and mock one another. But when forces seek to upend and overthrow the foundation of the Enlightenment Principles that have advanced human civilization, like any family, we put aside our internal disagreements and stand side by side to chase off the outside attack.  The US and France have a long history of cooperation and support. This is one of those times.

France is going to want to hit back at those who perpetrated this horror. (If you have a reservation at the ISIS run hotel, you might want to find other accommodations). And we should do what is necessary to assist in taking out the bastards who did this. If they want to carpet bomb Raqqa with MOABs, so be it.

All I want is for there to be plan as to what happens afterwards. And by plan, I mean something based on the historical realities of the area, not one that assumes we’ll be welcomed as liberators and have rose petals strewn at our feet despite all evidence to the contrary. I have argued before and still contend that the hare-brained scheme to involve us in Syria would have been a nightmare and probably would have made the terrorists even more powerful.

If you have not done so, go back and read Graeme Wood’s article on ISISS. They are trying to provoke a response that will put Western Boots on the ground. We should be wary of giving them what they want. (And likewise, they should be careful for what they wish for). Let’s not blunder in this time. And while we’re at it, those refugees who are capable of fighting, you may want to consider seeing what you can do to help reclaim your country from these sick bastards. You’re not going to be very popular right now as the French, rightly or wrongly, are going to blame you for what has happened. Showing a willingness to fight for your homeland will go a long way in easing tension between you and the countries currently hosting you.

Right now, nous sommes tous les Parisiens


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