Thoughts in the Silly Season [UPDATED]

[updated September 3, 2015– For reasons I do not understand, this post somehow was transformed into a new page. I have no idea how or why this happened. It went up on August 15, 2015, but I don’t think anyone saw it. I am republishing it now and I hope if appears where it is supposed to appear.]

August is traditionally the silly season in American politics. Congress is in recess, the President is usually somewhere on vacation, and the press had fled to more congenial climes. The machinery of Washington, D.C. runs (even) slower than normal. (The historical reason for the August recess is, in pre-air conditioned America, Washington was all but unbearable in the swelter of August. Primarily because we the nation’s capital on a fetid swamp. Pretty much since the beginning of this country, the government has made really dumb decisions).

So, since it’s the silly season, nothing hard-hitting this week, just some quick hits about infotainment:

You have one job, EPA! One Job!


Warren G. Harding.. the MAN!


Rick Perry has stopped paying his campaign staffers as Perry 2016 seems to be running out of money. It’s time for Perry to bow out. You know you’re in trouble when Jim Gilmore has more staying power than you.


I came across this list of 19 words that are not widely used anymore. I’m impressed Medieval English foresaw the Rise of Donald Trump:

Trumpery: Things that look nice, but are actually pretty worthless.

How about MSNBC: The Home of the Ultracrepidarians.

Personally, I’ve always thought the word Mondongo should be used a lot more.


It’s 15 months to the first primary. Kinda early for the Clinton campaign to channel its inner Chip Diller. (“Remain Calm. Don’t Panic”)


You would think this would have gotten more attention than it did seeing as it involves the White House, Capitol Hill, and a gun.


How do you make everyone forget the butt-fumble?.

You do this

Man, J-E-T-S really does mean, “Just End The Season”


Speaking of punches, I have no idea if Ronda Rousey can act, but I think she at least looks the part of Ms. Marvel.


Also speaking of sucker punches and movies, the producers of the new Fantastic Four reboot managed to look at the long history of the comic book franchise… and then made a movie that was the exact opposite of the Lee/Kirby creation. Roger Corman treated the source material with more respect.


Question for the candidates: Where do you stand on Minas Tirith?




HBO will be partially funding Sesame Street for the next five years in return for a nine month exclusive window of airing the program. We apparently now know the answer to, “If PBS won’t, who will?”

I keep picturing Bert as Deadwood’s Al Swearegen (“Ernie, tell your god to prepare for blood.) and Elmo as E.B. Farnum.

-What? You think it’s coincidence the same day as the Sesame Street deal was announced, we started hearing about a revival of Deadwood? I think not.-


I’m not saying people are obsessing about the new Star Wars films, but I haven’t seen this much attention to detail since the heady days of Kremlinologists studying the May Day Parade.


Overheard yesterday in Havana during the reopening of the American Embassy:

Cuban #1: I thought the Americans wanted the Embassy to reopen.

Cuban #2: They do.

Cuban #1: Then why does their Secretary of State have such a long face?
[No, don’t get up, I’ll show myself out the door…]


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